A new mortgage that works for you

By automatically reducing monthly mortgage loan payments if neighborhood home values fall, the Safe Rate Mortgage helps people stay in their homes. By putting homeowners first, we’re creating more resilient communities and building a housing market that works for everyone.

How it works

We protect borrowers during and after the home buying process by automatically reducing their monthly payments if home values fall in their neighborhoods. By making it easier to buy in up-and-coming areas and reducing the impact of downturns, we’re transforming communities--one homeowner at a time. Meet the Product

Don't be responsible for predicting the housing market

Real estate prices can go down. When they do, foreclosures increase, families lose their homes, and local communities suffer. Even after millions of foreclosures and over $2 trillion in net worth lost during the Great Recession, home loan borrowers are still not protected today when house prices fall.

No more wasteful payments

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is paid by borrowers, but it only protects mortgage lenders. The Safe Rate mortgage replaces costly PMI fees with a mortgage that protects the borrower when house prices fall. Why should you ever pay for insurance that does not protect you?

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