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We're building a smarter, safer alternative to traditional mortgages

Traditional mortgages don’t account for changes in the housing market. Plus, lenders typically require borrowers with less than a 20% down payment to pay monthly fees in the form of private mortgage insurance (PMI). But PMI only protects the lender, not the borrower.

Safe Rate is a homeowner-first alternative to PMI that automatically reduces a borrower’s monthly payment when home values fall. By keeping more borrowers in their homes, borrowers win, lenders win, and communities win.

  • Protect Borrowers

    Lower monthly payments when local home values fall, never pay more than your original rate, and no more mortgage insurance.

  • Reward all mortgage market participants

    Mortgage investors receive competitive risk-adjusted returns with embedded principal protection. This reduces the occurrence of foreclosures and costly modifications and creates more efficient allocation of house price risk between borrowers, investors and the government.

  • Create resilient communities

    Encourage home ownership with socially responsible financial products, put money back into communities during housing market downturns, and stabilize neighborhood home values by preventing the vicious cycle of foreclosures when home values fall.

Payment reduction works.

Economic research of the Great Recession has borne out what many intuitively already believe – payment reduction works. Independent loan-level research shows that reducing borrower payments when home values are falling is the most effective way to keep borrowers current.

Monthly payment savings buoy the local economy.

Economic research into zip codes that experienced a reduction in monthly interest payments saw meaningful gains in spending, auto purchases, house prices and a decline in foreclosures.

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