Meet the Founders

As two engineers who met in business school, we have a passion for creating systems that help people. We’ve witnessed firsthand what happens when markets turn. We’ve seen families, neighborhoods and communities left to pick up the pieces. That’s why fixing the mortgage system has become our life’s work. By fusing smart technology with common sense, we’re rewriting the rules of homeownership for a new generation.

Dylan Hall
Co-Founder and CEO
Shima Rayej
Co-Founder and CIO

Where it all began

The prevailing solution to the Great Recession was to bail out the banks--but what about indebted households? In House of Debt, professors Atif Mian and Amir Sufi argued that easing the burden of household debt would have stopped the cycle of defaults and more than 7 million foreclosures that followed. Inspired by this idea, we built Safe Rate to protect homeowners and their communities by providing relief when they need it most.

Amir Sufi
Safe Rate Advisor, Co-author House of Debt (2014) – Financial Times Book of the Year Finalist
Atif Mian
Safe Rate Advisor, Co-author House of Debt (2014) – Financial Times Book of the Year Finalist

Built & Designed in Chicago

A mortgage product you can trust

We all felt the Great Recession. Whether you or a loved one lost a home, or could not sell a home, or watched your retirement account shrink as stock prices fell, or witnessed businesses in your community close their doors, the event defined a generation. If household debt burdens had flexed down when home values fell, more people could have stayed in their homes, continued to build wealth, and supported their local communities. We designed Safe Rate to inspire confidence in future homeowners and build stronger communities. With a Safe Rate secured mortgage, your monthly rate can go down but we guarantee it will never rise above your original rate. It’s just one way we’ve got your back.

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